Jun 16, 2011

Review: G4's Proving Ground

G4 has produced a nerd-version of the show Jackass. Yep, that's the best way to explain Proving Ground. It even stars Ryan Dunn from Jackass, and Jessica Chobot who worked for IGN. What exactly might this gamer gal and Jackass do for 30 minutes? They recreated the game Mario Kart. They took some karts and added different weapons.

It's as simple as that. During the episode, they test out the different weapons to make sure you don't get hurt so much that they would have to stop driving. That's where the Jackass part of the show comes in. They start testing different electrical things for lighting shocks, testing different food items to act as turtle shells, testing nitrous oxide, and adding an oil rig that shoots oil into your eye. Yes, if you're wondering, they do have a helmet with eye protection.

They also go into a scientific mode and explain how everything works. They didn't spend too much on this, but that's okay with me. I didn't find it to be that informative. The main focus is the main event though - the actual race! The race actually ends up being awesome, and I was a little jealous that I don't have access to this stuff. Just seeing all the weapons being used and the actual act of driving karts was crazy.

Final Say: After being bummed out with G4's It's Effin Science, G4 has finally added an original show to the roster that is very awesome. Maybe I'm just comparing how bad that puking game show on G4 was, but Proving Ground really proved itself. Check it out!

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