Jun 21, 2011

Review: Out on a Limb

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Thoughts: Out on a Limb is a movie I had never heard of until I was looking at "movies similar to blah blah blah" on Netflix. I saw that it was a sweet 80 minutes run-time and that always attracts me to a movie. I find it very hard to impulsively start movies that are over 2 hours long. Out on a Limb starred Matthew Broderick, John C. Reilly, and Jeffrey Jones (the principle from Ferris Bueller). I decided to take a chance with it and I'm glad I did.

Out on a Limb does have it's "that's too cheesy" moments, but it does a good job pulling off great laughs. John C. Reilly's hillbilly character, Jim, and his brother (also named Jim) make up the best parts of the movie. Every time they're on the screen I was snickering. They weren't main characters, but I think that's the right call. Even though I liked every time they were on screen, I believe in too much of a good thing.

The movie does have some low points. There is a scene where Matthew Broderick's character gets his clothes stolen. It felt like they were coping, or maybe even paying tribute to the movie The Jerk. In The Jerk there is a naked scene where Steve Martin puts things in front of his privates to hide himself. The Jerk pulled this off hilariously, but when it came to Matthew Broderick, it was just awkward to watch. Not hilariously awkward like Curb Your Enthusiasm, just a scene that you wanted to be over quickly. I question why they put it in the trailer.

Final Say: Besides that awkward nude scene, the movie was entertaining. Nothing legendary, but with the movie being at a cool 80 minutes, there's no time to be bored. I'm sure they could have added to some scenes and made it 30 minutes longer, but I feel I would have lost interest if it was longer. Props to the movie for making a short-and-sweet film that you should check out whenever you want a short movie. It's on Netflix Instant Watch! 3.5*'s out of 5, or 7 *'s out of 10.

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