Jun 9, 2011

South Park - "You're Getting Old"

When South Park returned to airwaves April 27 for Season 15, I did a review of the episode titled "HUMANCENTiPAD". It may not be making news headlines, but South Park's episode last night "You're Getting Old" was a big deal to me, and probably to all other serious fans of the series.


The premise of the episode is that Stan is turning ten (which is kind of a big deal for the show in itself because characters very rarely age). In turning ten, Stan finds that things like music, food, video games, and movies he liked when he was younger no longer appeal to him. Specifically, he thinks and visualizes just about everything as feces. This makes for some great social commentary as Stan will call out real life crap when he sees it (the new Jim Carey movie for example) but also balances it out by crapping on truly great things (like L.A. Noire) just to show his condition is insufferable to those around him.

Meanwhile, Stan's dad Randy is trying to prove to his wife and Stan's mom, Sharon, that he's not old, and likes the current music trend titled "Tween Music". To everyone old, "Tween music" just sounds like diarrhea noises, but Randy will go so far to prove he doesn't hear this that he attempts to get his music career back on track playing to this niche.

The episode ends with Stan seeing his own friends excrement and thus, losing them as friends. For Randy, he finally tells Sharon that he's unhappy, and she agrees, pointing out the redundancy of fifteen seasons of Randy's hijinks and all of their marital problems along the way. The final moments of the episode are a montage of Randy and Sharon getting a divorce with Randy moving away, leaving Stan to live with Sharon. And that's the end.

This really hit me hard as someone whose parents just recently separated, but it also holds a bigger impact.

I've heard theory that this serious ending was Matt Stone and Trey Parker explaining to their fans the upcoming end to the South Park franchise. There's been no official report of an end to the franchise, but after fifteen seasons, it would be understandable to call it quits while they were ahead. Television certainly won't be the same without the cartoon if they do leave the airwaves, but the pair always seem to have an abundance of fresh ideas, such as the musical based on the episode of South Park - The Book of Mormon.

This may have just been South Park's attempt at being serious to say they could do it though. Maybe they're shooting for their fifth Emmy Award? The season still has seven episodes left, which could see Randy and Sharon reunite and Stan be cured, or have all continuity erased from.

Where South Park goes from here is something every fan should be keeping a close eye on.

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