Jun 28, 2011

Supreme Court Protects Our Violent Video Games

According to Variety, if you live in the California (presumably applies to the rest of the nation due to a now-set legal precedent) and you're a fan of violent video games like GTA, Mortal Kombat, Bulletstorm... and presumably war-games like Call of Duty, then you need not fear about your blood and gore going anywhere. Arnold Schwarzenegger was all like "Think of the children! Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!" And a law was passed making it illegal to sell Mature-rated games to minors. The irony was not lost of a pop-culture action star known for Commando, Terminator, Conan The Barbarian, and Predator among others publically decried violence as equally damaging to children as pornography.

Well the Supreme Court has said video games fall under the first amendment rights of free speech just like literature, plays, movies, etc. Video games tell a story and convey a message, so they're too important to tell anyone that with parental permission, anyone including minors can't see it.

Granted, the video game industry is becoming very big, and every day growing more powerful. The industry was heavily backed in this case however by an already established juggernaut, Hollywood! The film and television industry were afraid that cutting minors off from violence could open the floodgates and allow a mass-fascist censorship movement on their turf as well.

So while you can read more of the details at Variety, in summary, the attempt to censor video games went something like this:

click pic to animate

And the Video Game and Movie industry celebrated with something like this

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