Jun 2, 2011

WWE '12

When it comes to wrestling video games today, the #1 place to turn is to the WWE Raw Vs. Smackdown series, or maybe WWE All-Stars. If you want to stretch "today's" gaming to include a third, you have to go back 4 years to 2008 to find TNA Impact. It seems like other marketing companies have given up making wrestling games. I remember only five or six years ago there was Backyard Wrestling, Rumble Roses, and even a Simpson's Wrestling game. I've played the original Raw Vs. Smackdown, and Raw Vs. Smackdown 2011. They felt the basically the same but with an updated roster. It's time for a change! That's where WWE '12 comes in... I hope.

WWE '12 is being made by Yukes and THQ, the same people that made the Raw Vs. Smackdown series, but according to Yuke's creative director Cory Ledesma

"WWE '12 is far from just a name change. Our goal has been to create a brand new experience with a new, high quality animation system, a new renderer and a new strategic gameplay experience that will look, feel and play substantially better than its predecessors. When you play the game, you'll notice right away that you're spending less time on the mat mashing buttons and more time enjoying the action with a faster paced gameplay flow, simpler game controls and the most fluid and realistic animations the game has ever seen."

Better animation, new strategic gameplay, and simpler game controls is what they're promising. This sounds great, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I want a realistic, and an unrealistic mode. Realistic mode is simple, just make things as realistic as possible for the hardcore wrestling-gamers. Unrealistic mode goes for the mainstream audience and lets you control everything.

Here's a list of what I want to control:
-Weapons: From chairs to pool ring-floats that you can put on your enemy so they can't fight back.
-Having the ring be a trampoline
-How much weight The Bella Twins can throw around

This is just a short list! There are many more things they can throw into this unrealistic mode that would be awesome! Come on THQ do the right thing!

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