Jul 5, 2011

Brotherhood Review

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Premise: A group of pledges want to get into a fraternity. To get into the fraternity they have to rob a convenience store. After one of the pledges gets shot, the night just goes down hill.

My advice is don't watch any trailers for this movie! I feel for a movie that the situation gets worse and worse, the trailer spoils a lot of the surprises and I'm glad I didn't watch any trailers before watching this movie.

I can't think of any other movie that goes under the genre of College Thriller. When I think of college movies I think of Animal House, PCU, and Accepted. Brotherhood goes into the world of danger, and no humor at all. I'm not really a fan of college movies, so a curve-ball was very appreciated.

If you don't watch the trailer, the surprises will surprise you for the most part. You know everything is going to get worse and worse, you just don't know how. There are some parts of the movie that if you pay attention close enough you'll know something bad will happen later. For other scenes, you just don't see it coming.

I really liked the movie, but near the end it seemed to drag a little. For most of the film everyone is running around like crazy, then near the end it slows down a bit and it's just dialog. I'm fine with dialog, but I wasn't ready for the brakes to be applied.

Final Say:
It might be slow towards the end, but it's still a movie worth watching. It's only 76 minutes, and for most of it. It's an exciting movie to watch. If you want a serious thriller then check out Brotherhood. Remember, don't watch any trailers! 4*'s out of 5 or 8 *'s out of 10.

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