Jul 22, 2011

CBVGR: BomberMan Fantasy Race

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. I'm playing BomberMan Fantasy Race for the Playstation 1. The cheapest you can find it is on the PS3's Playstation Network for $5.99. If you don't have a PS3 though, you can find it for $10 at Amazon, about 5 pounds at Amazon.co.uk, and sorry Canada, but I can't find a price for you.

BomberMan Fantasy Race is a kart game that... wait a second. That's not a kart! That's some bunny-looking thing! Despite not having a kart in the game, BomberMan Fantasy Race or BMFR acts just like any other kart racing game out there. There are some differences though. In most kart games there are weapons you collect along the way. In BMFR this is also true, but when you don't have anything collected you have bombs you can throw. Another differences is the use of a jump. During races you'll have to jump over gaps, or electrical current. You'll also come across these yellow things on a wall that if you jump onto it and press jump again, it will give you a giant speed burst.

Another way of getting speed is to press the up button. Be careful though, because this meter will go down and your animal will get tired. Poor lil fellow, he's so helpless! Oh, that's fine, just take a break while I have a race to win!

For the money-lovers, BMFR has currency in the game, and for some reason we can look at our coins in the bank and even exchange them for smaller coins. Why would anyone want to look at their coins in the bank instead of playing the game? I have no bombing clue! Currency can buy you weapons, different karts... I mean animals, and race tracks.

The game also features the annoying "oh you're in first place, and you're close to the finish? Let me shoot you with electricity, and put you in last." This seems to happen to me too much, but once in awhile... VICTORIOUS!

Final Say: It's an average kart racing game... animal racing game. It doesn't beat classics like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, and F-Zero. Also ModNation Racers is a better choice when comparing the two modern day games. The only reason you'll want this game is if you have a nostalgic love for BMFR. If you've never played it, you're not missing anything ground breaking.

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