Jul 4, 2011

Independence Day Playlist!

July 4th, the one day when both the "unapologetic American patriot" extremists and the hardest cynical critics of their own home country can come together and celebrate with BBQ's, flag-waving, and blowing stuff up.

Sure, America isn't a Utopia. Our economy's clawing its way out of the gutter, the job market is still in need of resuscitation, we still have some people going to bed hungry, we have kids not getting the proper education they need to succeed, too much racial/religious/sexual bigotry, and to top it all off, we might pass a law making it illegal to post videos of video game gameplay. Still, I'm lucky to be born here and know it every day.

I could have been born in North Korea and have only 100 grams of rice to eat a day, or I could have been born in China or Russia and be completely erased from history if my opinions are found to be too slanderous of the government. I could have been born in Africa or the middle east and watched genocide, or I could have been born in Mexico and have to step over headless bodies in the streets that were mutilated by drug cartels.

And so could you have been born there. Maybe some of you reading this are from these places, and your ideal happy ending is to immigrate to America where you'll be shunned by masses for being an immigrant and taking American jobs. Or maybe you like your country and will take everything I've written with a grain of salt, then write something similar on your own country's independence day.

The point is, Happy Fourth of July everybody. Here's some tunes to jam to:

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