Jul 7, 2011

Indie Review: Saira

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The other day Nifflas' Games was giving away serial numbers for free for their game, Saira. It was for only one day, and I found out at the last second. Fortunately it's on sale on Steam for $2.50.

Nifflas' Games also made NightSky, which I enjoyed playing through but Saira is a much different game from NightSky. The only thing they have in common is the look and sound. They both have ambiance music with a more artistic look than a graphical look. I'm finding it tough to explain this, so look at the picture at the top.

In Saira you play as a photographer, and this adds the ability to take pictures of your surroundings. This isn't Pokemon Snap though, you'll need to take pictures of hints around you. This will lead you to disabling lasers and leading you through the game.

Saira reminds me so much of Lenny Loosejocks, especially the game where he's in space. It's a free game online, and was one of the first games I remember on the internet. It even requires Shockwave to play! Saira is basically Lenny Loosejocks with platforming.

Running, jumping, climbing, using special abilities at points, and finding clues. That's what Saira is all about. The clues part is the most important part to this game. It can get frustrating gathering clues to answer some of these questions. This game is not for the impatient.

Final Say: $2.50! Unless you only like fast-pace game-playing, I say take the gamble! I loved the gathering, and taking photos of clues. I also enjoyed the look to the game and the feel to it. I'm not sure why more games like this aren't being made!

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