Jul 20, 2011

No Miles Edgeworth 2 Except In Japan

 image from Wikia

Lots of things are coming to a halt lately. First, yesterday's post about Dark Tower trilogy, then MegaMan Legends 3 being halted. While this is very disappointing, I'm more disappointed with the lack of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2. It was released in Japan in February, and every Ace Attorney game has been localized for countries like the US, and I believe Europe too. It was recently decided that Edgeworth 2 won't come out for any country except for Japan!

The Ace Attorney series is one of my favorite series. I now know how all the people upset about the Harry Potter ending feel. What makes this worse is that there is another game for the series in work, and it will crossover with Professor Layton! Will this game ever come to America?!

I'm holding onto two hopes. The first is obviously that Edgeworth, and the future Ace Attorney game come to America. The second, is if that never happens, a fan will translate for the game. It's been done with Earthbound 2, the only problem is that it took around two decades for it to come out. I'll be over forty if it takes this long to play these games! I guess I should start learning the Japanese language.

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