Jul 21, 2011

Rango Review

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Rango (Johnny Depp) is a pet lizard who by happenstance gets abandoned by his family in the move in what appeared to be the wild wild west. Being naturally theatrical all his life, Rango blends in quickly and before long becomes the sheriff of the dried up animal-town, but it's most trouble than he bargained for, and his entire reputation is built on a web of lies.

Two things really stood out to me about this movie, and they're both kind of related. The first thing I noticed as watching this is that so many of the references that this film makes will go over kids' heads. The second thing I noticed is that it borders on profane and overly-dark at some points. I remember some scary cartoons back in our day, and sure the occasional swear word got through, but I thought that in our society today we were much more subtle with our jokes and curses in children's cartoons. When was the last Disney cartoon that secretly slipped in a naked lady after all? What these two standouts boiled down to for me was "who is this movie really for?" Kids will probably like it because it's a great cowboys and western flick that will have them actively roleplaying and using their imagination for weeks, but I don't think all of the material is suitable for kids and is really targetting adults. It's great when adults can enjoy TV/films that their kids are enjoying, but putting the celebrity cameos in the film is just silly for silly-sake, like David Hasselhoff on Spongebob.

My Highlights:
 Anytime Rango gets cocky hilarity ensues, Rango meeting The Spirit of The West, and the real bad guy getting his comeuppance.

Overall Rating:
I really enjoyed the film, but I think there might actually be better animated films out there for kids. It's definitely the best Nickelodeon-produced movie I've ever seen (much better than the Spongebob Movie), but it's just no Pixar film. Pixar has set the bar really high, so I can only award the film (a very respectful and entertaining) 4 1/4 *s' out of 5, or 8 1/2 *s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
If you've got kids and aren't MAJORLY protective of what they watch, give Rango a shot after you're done with all of Pixar's epics. It's a great film and will surely inspire and pump up children, while giving adults quite a few laughs.

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  1. Great review! I remember seeing the previews for this movie and being really interested in it because of Johnny Depp but never had the chance to watch it. Now reading through reviews I've been reading on Rango I definitely need to see it! I did just start subscribing and working with DISH Network as well and was given Blockbuster by mail free for 3 months http://bit.ly/khvWnc so I'll for sure be adding this movie to the top of my queue. Can't wait to see it! :)