Jul 14, 2011

Red Faction: Armageddon Review

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Hello this is Nick from Organized Remains. Today's review of Red Faction: Armageddon includes magnets, a hammer, and bugs with different skews of color. So lets dig deep into the soil of Mars, and save all the nice people.

Here's the story. You're a guy just looking for some work. A job comes up, and it turns out this job was just a scam. This guy named Adam Hale tricked you into destroying the Mar's weather controller! So Adam Hale is a jerk right? Well to you, yeah, but to everyone else he's fine and would never trick someone like you. So all the blame that came with destroying the weather controller and forcing everyone underground falls on you. The story is just an average video game story with some mediocre voice acting.

If you've played Red Faction: Guerrilla then you know you could drive cars around the free world, where you could just explore and go around destroying buildings. Now picture a game without that, and it was just a normal game where you go through level by level with no freedom. Now we're playing Red Faction: Armageddon.

"Whoa" you must be saying, because I know what you're thinking. You're also thinking "well is this a bad or good thing"? Well, in my opinion it's a bad thing since I loved Red Faction: Guerrilla. That doesn't mean it's bad for everyone. I've found that some people actually didn't like Guerrilla and liked Armageddon more. People having different opinions? THIS IS JUST A MESS!

So yes this game has disappointed me a lot by taking out what I loved about Guerrilla. That doesn't mean the game is terrible though, and it's actually a pretty well-done shooter if you ignore the existence of Guerrilla. And if all else fails, at least there are still buildings to destroy, and a wicked cool hammer.

Buildings to destroy, and a wicked cool hammer... and the magnet gun. Placing a magnet on an enemy, or building, and placing another magnet on something else, then watching an enemy splat against a wall is really cool. I recommend doing it if you ever come across a weird, violent, alien-thing in real life. Also, the black hole gun which will suck enemies up, and explode!

Enemies are way too similar. Levels are pretty similar throughout the game, except for the occasions you use a robot to walk around. Also, the game is short; I beat it around 5 hours on normal.

Final Say: Red Faction: Armageddon might be viewed as a disappointment to fans of Guerrilla, but it's still a well-done shooter, and I think it should be checked out if you're a shooter fan. That being said, don't spend $60 on it. This is a $20-$25 game because the game could use some different enemies, different scenery, and also could be longer.

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