Jul 3, 2011

Review: Jon Benjamin Has A Van

I watched the first episode of Jon Benjamin when it aired a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the episode, and wrote up a review. I then saw that they were airing another episode the following day after the first one aired. I figured I would check out the second episode just to see where the show is heading. The second episode turned out to be bad, and seemed like it would never end. Now I didn't want to post my original review since I praised the show. I decided it would be best to wait another week, and watch the third episode. This episode I couldn't even get through.

First Episode: Jon Benjamin drives around in his van to uncover news stories. This first episode I found myself laughing, and the skits were entertaining to watch. Though I don't think the show knows what it really wants. For the most part it's a satirical newscast show, but they also throw in some skits. One of the skits was called Cash Stall which is the show Cash Cab, but in a bathroom.

Second and third episode: There were moments with some laughs, but when the Little Little Italy sketch was on it seemed to go on for ever. The jokes were corny, and I felt like I was in school staring at the clock. During the third episode I felt like I was in class again and decided to stop watching.

Final Say: I feel like there could be potential, but I just lost all interest in the show. I don't see myself coming back for more, and I would say pass on Jon Benjamin Has A Van.

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