Jul 1, 2011

Steam Summer Sale

Say "bye-bye" to any money you were saving up for the summer. The Summer Sale over at Steam has started! Steam is a program that you can buy games off of and play them on any computer without the need of a disk. A lot of games even feature cloud saving so you can save your game on one computer and start where you left off on another computer.

While most games are already on sale right now, every day at 1 pm EST a new group of games will become daily sales. It's best to wait to see which games become daily sales. For Example: Worms Reloaded is 50% off which is $9.99. That's a good deal, but it might become a daily sale in two days, which means it could become $4.99. If you don't see it as a daily sale, it's best to wait for the last day of the sale which is July 10th before buying any games you're interested in.

Steam is also doing "camp activities" which is a small list of achievements for certain games. Each day a new list of achievements will be displayed. If you get three of these achievements you can get free DLC, or a free copy of Alien Breed 2. If you have some of the games already then getting the achievements shouldn't be too hard. If you don't have any of these games then I don't think you're really missing out on anything.

Link to Steam Sale

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