Jul 29, 2011

Tales Of The Crypt Gets Dug Up

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According to Deadline, the famous HBO television show based on a controversial comic book series, Tales From The Crypt is to be resurrected to airwaves in the near future. For those who aren't familiar, the original horror themed comic book told tales of sex, drugs and violence in the Leave It To Beaver 1950's. It only had a five year run from 1950-1955, when society got into an uproar about exposing our youth to these kinds of themes, corrupting them, and leading them to crime! Sounds kind of like video games, doesn't it? Well the parents kind of got their wish when the comic book industry began policing their own medium with a censor board, which you can read more about here. Then the television show on HBO garnered a lot of success and notoriety between 1989-1996.

The new version of the show won't be on HBO, and will be vastly different from the original TV series and from the comics. Who am I kidding? It's going to be a completely new entity with a title slapped onto it for built-in name value and old-fan appeal. Rather than be a set of tales... from the crypt...

"It will be an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context," - Andrew Cosby, one half of the series grave robbers.

So it will be a continuous story with a handful of characters who are completely original creations but have names attached to them stolen from the comics. I'm guessing no Cryptkeeper telling bad puns, which I'm on the fence about. I mean the entire idea sounds awful, and I'd much rather just see a new creation, but if it doesn't have the Cryptkeeper it's both a positive and negative. On the plus side, he was so cheesy he might have been made of Parmesan. On the negative side, as a kid who was watching Tales From The Crypt when he wasn't supposed to be, The Cryptkeeper was frightening!

Someone rehash a franchise people would really want to see. I'm looking at you -- Are You Afraid Of The Dark?!

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