Aug 28, 2011

Brad Pitt Saves Woman's Life On Film Set

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt doesn't just play a hero in his movies, he lives the gimmick! On the set of upcoming horror film World War Z, Pitt was filming a scene where a mob of roughly 700 extras and himself are running through town to escape zombies. One woman stumbled and fell, and rather than let her get trampled to death or serious injury, Pitt hoisted her up and carried her to safety. Then like any superhero-civilian relationship, they went their separate ways, never to speak to each other again. The woman was said to be very grateful for the help however, as many of the other extras in the film have been injured in one form or another.

I kind of wish that this scene makes it into the movie, or at least a DVD/Blu-Ray extra. Possibly with Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" dubbed over. Or that they write in this scene later in the film but it turns out she fell because she's been previously bitten and the transformation is starting to take over, so when he tries to help she tries to bite him! Which reminds me, the number one rule of living in a zombie apocalypse:

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