Aug 5, 2011

Budget Cuts At AMC

According to speculation (which keep in mind isn't really reporting, so take it with a grain of salt) by The LA Times, the recent monster-contract signing between television network AMC and hit show Mad Men may have cost more than people understand. Possibly related to the enormous asking price of the show's creators (that I was pretty favorably backing) AMC has reduced the budget on all other name-brand shows. The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are two of the biggest victims of this, which angered Breaking Bad creators so much they tried to sell the show to the FX  network. AMC has since calmed Breaking Bad creators down and are trying to work out a new contract with them.

The President of AMC network has denied all claims that Mad Men's new contract is resulting in the budget cuts. Giving the network the benefit of the doubt, it seems possible to me that the network is trying to cut budgets so they can re-invest them in new programming. Breaking Bad and Mad Men will likely continue collecting Emmy's no matter what their budgets, and The Walking Dead only needs to maintain decent ratings to stay afloat and continue drawing in the comic book and zombie fanboy crowd. If AMC can continue to create big new shows, then they won't have to cater so heavily toward the ones that helped establish the channel as a household name. Sounds like smart business to me.

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