Aug 6, 2011

CBVGR: Split Second

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. Split Second is racing on the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and PC. Running at $8 new for the PC, and around $15 for the other systems over at Amazon, 4 pounds for the PC, and around 10 pounds used for U.K. gamers over at, $14 Canadian for the PC version at Amazon, and $30 Canadian dollars at Video Games Plus.

I'm playing Split Second on the Xbox 360, and I'm a little surprised that Disney is a part of this game of destruction. Split Second is about a T.V. show that pits racers against each other. Racing isn't the only thing going on though, as each racer is planning attacks on everyone. By attacks, I mean using a "power-play". Before I get into that, I'll mention that it's possible for you to destroy a car by pushing it into a wall. This proves to be more of a hassle than it's worth.

Power-plays take the game to the next level! By drifting, or avoiding close calls you can fill this meter. You can fill it to three different levels. The first being one power-play, the second being a second power-play, and the third is having an option to have an extreme power-play! Extreme power-plays usually change the track some, and will (hopefully) destroy a lot of the other racers. That's great to know, but what is a power-play!? A power-play is an event that you set off that will (hopefully) destroy some of the other racers. This can be some sort of explosion, or having something drop down crushing someone.

Split Second features the kind of modes most racing games have. Normal racing, time trial, and elimination. It also features a race that involves a big rig. The point of this race is to pass each truck to earn as many points as possible. While you're trying to pass each truck, you'll have to dodge barrels! Oh no! That looks dangerous! There is also a helicopter-type race, where the power-plays equal missiles and you're in a race against the clock to destroy this helicopter as fast as possible. These two types of races add to the game, and I had a blast playing them.

I'm sad I have to give the game this type of praise, but it has local split screen. A lot of games have taken away the ability for two people to play on one T.V. Instead they make each person buy a copy of the game and play it online. Speaking of online, I found that this game is still active online. It might take a bit of waiting sometimes but you'll eventually get a room full of people racing.

Final Say: Split Second is a really well done racing game full of destruction. Enough destruction that Disney wanted to be a part of it! I would have liked more ways to achieve power-plays instead of drifting all the time. Also let me destroy other cars by bashing into them! Besides that, the game is well done. For the price asked, you can't go wrong if you're looking for a destructive racing game.

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