Aug 7, 2011

FX Renews Great Shows, World War Z Casting, New Movie The Sitter

Lots of big, fun, and fantastic news today. Just going to briefly throw out three big pieces for everyone to digest, all of which I'm pretty excited about.

According to Deadline, FX has renewed some of their shows for more seasons.Wilfred is getting a second season and is apparently garnering amazing ratings, which is well deserved. Louie starring comedian Louis CK has been renewed for a third season, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed for two additional seasons (seasons 8 and 9).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame has been given a small role in the upcoming zombie-project based on best-selling book World War Z. Having listened to the World War Z audiobook (strongly recommend to those interested) I think there's potential for a lot of cameos in this film because it features a wide array of characters. Cranston is an amazing actor though, so I hope of all the small roles available, he gets the biggest of them.

A new red band movie trailer (meaning NSFW) has been released promoting the newest Jonah Hill film. My thoughts below the video.

While it looks like this film could have some potential, it also leaves much to be desired from the trailer. Maybe I'm just getting jaded with all these babysitter-type movies like The Chaperone, The Pacifier, Role Models, and heck, this is even pretty close to Get Him To The Greek since Russell Brand's character needed babysitting through hat whole movie. Still, while Hill is a good comedic actor, his strong suit is when he has strong characters to bounce off of and converse with. His sarcastic wit is very trademark to Hill and really makes his scenes worth watching. While much of his best work have been in small roles where he's not the lead star, Superbad shows that if you find someone he has chemistry with then great things will happen. The last scene of the trailer looked like Hill had great chemistry with the character he was talking to, but the kids were just bland generic carbon-copies of their role, and the sex-crazed "girlfriend" was dry as cardboard as well. What this film really needs is someone like Bobb'e J. Thompson's character Ronnie from the film Role Models!

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