Aug 4, 2011

Kenny Vs. Spenny The TV Shows

Kenny Vs. Spenny was a show that involved two guys doing crazy competitions. The show had a good run, but it had it's series finale during last holiday season. While I loved the show, the last episode was really a disappointment (more info). Well now Kenny and Spenny have both put out their own shows. Seeing both shows now, lets decide who the winner of "best show" is.

First, lets talk about Kenny's show Kenny Hotz's Triumph of The Will. The first episode was about Kenny starting with literally nothing, going to Las Vegas and getting money. Kenny ends up stealing clothes, and conning his way to get free things like food and rooms. I found the show to be somewhat funny. I was actually more entertained by how he was surviving. I will be checking out his next episode to see where the series is going.

Now lets talk about Spenny's show Single White Spenny. This show is a sitcom, about Spenny's life. I hate to say this, but this show was awful. The acting was bad and the jokes were worse. I'm thinking Spenny is suppose to be the guy to route for, but you really don't care as a viewer. More episodes have come out and I usually give a show a second chance, but this is the exception I'm making.

Final Say: Kenny wins by far. His show wasn't anything spectacular, but it kept me interested enough to check out another episode. The worst part of Kenny Vs. Spenny's series finale was the skits, and anytime they had to write a script. Single White Spenny was all that, and it didn't work.

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