Aug 10, 2011

Walmart's 3DS Early Price Drop

Nintendo announced the price drop of the 3DS not too long ago. August 12th was the date it would be available for $169.99. If you bought a 3DS before that date though, you'll receive 20 virtual console games. It was a good plan by Nintendo. That's until Walmart came along, and dropped the price early. That's right, you can now go to Walmart and pick up a 3DS for $169.99. That's before the cutoff time for you to download the 3DS update and log into the 3DS online store, unlocking the 20 free games for your 3DS (when they're released).

I should mention that while a lot of people are reporting that this is real, there are some cases where a Walmart store is still charging $249.99 for the 3DS. While this deal is really not fair to anyone that bought the 3DS before the cut off for $249.99 (like myself), it's a great deal for everyone else.

I'm wondering why Walmart did this. Was it a genius plan to sell more of the 3DS? No, probably not. While I haven't worked at a Walmart, I've worked in retail. Someone probably messed up the date in the computer. Though would it be that simple? We need a detective on this case right away!... Ah what does it matter? Two more days til the official price drop.

Are you on the fence about getting a 3DS still? Let me help you out. Check out the previews for upcoming 3DS games and if you like the looks, then get it. I'm sure this system will sell out during the upcoming months. Don't be the one guy in your group of friends that hasn't played Luigi's Mansion 2!

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