Sep 14, 2011

Your Highness Review

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Thadeus(Danny McBride) is the lazy, jealous, arrogant brother of the adventurous, daring and noble Fabious (James Franco). The pair of princes must set out on a quest together in this medieval sword-and-sorcery parody to re-rescue a breath-taking virgin woman (Zooey Deschanel) from the evil warlock (Justin Theroux) who had originally held her captive.

It's incredibly low-brow with it's jokes, but anyone whose seen the trailer, or probably even just the poster could guess that. I was drawn in by it's classic format of a hero lost in a strange land unfamiliar to him, as well as a strong feminist butt-kicker character. While there was plenty of rehashed monsters from all the other sword-and-sorcery mythology, there were a few interesting new characters and details to this story that set it apart. What stood out the most however was the tendency to break from old-timey English of most medieval films to just use modern day curse words and phrases. I actually appreciated this artistic direction, because anyone who's really studied the language and fiction of that time era knows that there were plenty of low-brow insults and cursing going on; it's just more subtle to today's uneducated reader.

My Highlights:
Thadeus offering to relinquish his servant Courtney's services, the campfire talk between Thadeus and Isabel, Leezar's debates with Belladonna, and the final fight scene.

Overall Rating:
It wasn't the best comedy ever written, or the smartest, but it was very funny for what it was. There was a lot of rehash of old inventions without much parody to it, but I found myself enjoying this film quite a bit. 4 *'s out of 5, or 8 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
If you liked Pineapple Express, or have seen the original Clash of the Titans, you should definitely see this movie immediately. Otherwise it may not be a necessity to put at the top of your list, but should still be on it somewhere.

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