Oct 27, 2011

Bridesmaids Review

Annie (Kristen Wiig)'s best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is getting married, and as the maid of honor, she has to help make all the arrangements for the wedding. Problems start stacking up for Annie however, as she's hopelessly single, followed by bad luck at every turn, and in intense competition with one of the bridesmaids, a rich housewife named Helen (Rose Byrne).

I was late to catch this movie and had heard for a long time that it was the best female-casted comedy ever created, and on par with The Hangover in both comedy and in plot comparisons. This probably raised my expectations to unreasonable levels, because as I was watching it, scenes and characters that missed it's potential stood out the most to me. What could have been a well-traveled plot like The Hangover stayed primarily in the same town the entire film. We get promised Vegas and Paris in the film, and see neither. We also got just the tip of the iceberg of some really interesting characters in the rest of the Bridesmaids, but were left with just that. It also stands out that while Kristen Wiig steals the movie with her acting and comedic timing, the character of Annie is bland and one-dimensional. In her times of empathy she comes off similar to another of Judd Apatow's characters Alison Scott in Knocked Up, played by Katherine Heigl.

My Highlights:
Plane ride drunkenness, wedding dress shopping, police speed trap with Officer Nathan Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd), and the final jewelry store scene.

Overall Rating:
While the film is definitely funny, it doesn't have very many memorable moments that will stay with you  long after you've watched it. It also didn't live up to the crazy hype it got due to both unfleshed character subplots and unexplored setting expansion. Still a great film and deserving of a solid 4 *'s out of 5, or 8 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
When you're on a date. I tried several times to watch this with my girlfriend but something always came up to interrupt those plans, so I had to watch it solo. It's definitely a film that both genders will enjoy equally despite the one-sided casting.

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