Apr 3, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin Review


Strolling through a European market one day, a young journalist by the name of Tintin (Jamie Bell) happens upon a trinket vendor selling a beautiful model ship for peanuts. Tintin falls in love with the model and buys it, but it immediately seems that everybody is coming out of the woodwork to buy, steal or persuade him to give up the ship. With the help of a few friends - his dog, Snowy, near-identical detectives Tomson and Thompson (Nick Frost and Simon Pegg) and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) Tintin is devoted to find out the secrets behind the ship and why everybody wants it.


Steven Spielberg seemed to want this to be Indiana Jones so badly. A lot of the actual detective work felt lacking contrast to the exuberance and excitement put into the off-the-wall action sequences. Although a children's movie, the actual detective work and suspenseful drama was so dry and boring that it was almost hard to sit through the hour and 47 minute run-time.

My Highlights:

Anything with Tomson and Thompson even though they didn't really fit the mostly serious theme of the movie, Sir Francis Haddock's last stand, and the motorcycle chase.

Overall Rating:

I've yet to watch a Nickelodeon produced movie that really blew me away, but when compared to some of their better films Tintin ranks right up there. The characters are simple and the action straight forward, but the plot gets tangled up and confusing, the tone often too mixed and at times the film just drags on too long. On a scale of * - ***** I give this film:
Four stars.

When You Should See It:
If you liked Rango and Nacho Libre, see it immediately. Some might say there's a pretty big gap in quality between Rango and Nacho Libre, but I liked Nacho Libre! If you didn't, then just assume I said "if you liked Rango,". But if neither of those films were up your ally, there's no rush on this film. It was good, but it wasn't top-of-queue good. If it were made by Pixar instead of Nickelodeon I'd probably be saying the opposite. Oh, but of course if you have kids and they've seen all the really good stuff out there already, then yeah, pick this up for them. They'll probably have a ball with it.

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