Apr 16, 2012

Alter Ego Review

Alter Ego is a free indie game available on Desura. It puts you in the role of a little guy that has a clone of himself that's his alter ego. The point of each of the 40 levels is to collect all the pixels, and not to die from the skulls that are floating around.

As you walk around, your alter ego will be copying your every move. Alter egos are a lot like you except they can walk through enemies. The closer you are to the middle of the screen the closer your alter ego will be to you. The farther away you are from the middle of the screen the farther your alter ego will be. Depending the level, your alter ego will be horizontal to you, or vertical. What's useful about your alter ego is the ability to switch to the position they're at. Each level is different with the amount of times you can pull this off.

Look at all them pink, blue, yellow, and red pixels! They aren't just different point values. Each color of pixel requires a different approach. The pink pixels are normal ones that only you can grab. The blue ones are pixels that only your alter ego may pick up. The red pixels require you to line up your alter ego, and yourself so the red pixels are in between you and your alter ego. Then you're required to do an alter ego switch. The last type of pixel is the yellow one. This will change the positioning of your alter ego. If you're alter ego is horizontal from you, the yellow pixel will change it to vertical.

I had a lot of fun with Alter Ego. I was kind of sad when I completed all 40 levels. The look of the game is fantastic, and the soundtrack is really awesome! The only complaint I have with the game is very minor. You use your keyboard for most of the game, but when you beat a level you can't just hit enter and go to the next level. You have to use your mouse to click next level!

Final Say:
I'm actually surprised this is a free game. The puzzles, and gameplay are great. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack. I say that you should go play this right now! Where were the free games like this when I was a kid?

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