Apr 12, 2012

App Review: Tiny Hawk

Tiny Hawk is a $0.99 app on the iPhone (sorry Android users). It's based off the flash version that can be played here at kongregate for free. Tiny Hawk puts you in the role of a skateboarder trying to get to the finish while collecting many soda cans.

The controls to Tiny Hawk are pretty easy to use. There are three action-buttons: jump, turnaround, and drop off a rail. The more you stay on the ground the faster Tiny Hawk will end up going. Beware things that are put in the game to slow you down like water and a platform. Going fast is necessary in a lot of the levels to perform big jumps and high wall-jumps. If there are two walls next to each other, you'll have to perform a wall-jump (just hold down the jump button), and if you don't have the speed, you'll just fall back down. Watch the trailer for better understanding on how the game works.

Tiny Hawk has 32 levels, which didn't feel like much because I beat it so quickly. There also wasn't much difficulty playing this game so that contributed to me beating it so quickly. I know the app is only $0.99, but it feels like it could have more levels, or even a level editor. You can go back and collect any soda cans you missed, but there won't be much motivation to do so.

Final Say: It might not be a long game, but it's still pretty fun while you're playing through the levels. Play the free flash version first, and if you like it then get the app for $0.99. Don't worry, the flash version and the iPhone version are not the same, only very similar. Link to buy.

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