Apr 13, 2012

Book Review: Horns

Ignacius Parish wakes up hung over on the one year anniversary of his girlfriend Merrin's rape and murder by an unknown assailant. Ig remembers practically nothing from his drunken night before, but really wishes he had an explanation as to why he has devil horns now growing from his temples. Even more bizarre, why he now has the ability to make people confess their guilty secrets to him and forget they ever saw him after he leaves the room. Though Ig has been damned with lemons, he makes lemonade and finds Merrin's killer.

"Horns" by Joe Hill is packed with action, suspense, dark humor, and much like his previous novel: Heart Shaped Box, full of music references. Although I am a slow reader, I burned through Horns quicker than any 400+ page book I've ever read and it was always the highlight of my day. Many parts made me uncomfortable (but was the intended reader response) and many parts made me cheer with glee or hiss with discontent. It also really peeked my interest that the setting for the novel is in Gideon, New Hampshire, a fictional anywheresville based in my home state.

Crude, lewd, rude, and all around awesome, I highly recommend "Horns", as well as anything else written by Joe Hill. The man is brilliant and highlights everything I like about the work of his father, Stephen King, while not including all the things I hate about Stephen King's works. This dark and gritty supernatural revenge novel should be checked out by all, and that's why it was easy for me to rate.

Five stars out of five!

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