Apr 21, 2012

Lady Gaga In Men In Black 3

Lady Gaga has been cast playing as an alien cameo in Men In Black 3. One theory is she said agreed to do it because she is in fact alien, but another theory is she's just a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones.

The question on everyone's mind... well my mind is what will she look like? Will they dress her up as a giant eyeball that ironically has a beautiful voice, but terrible eyesight? Maybe they'll make her one of the friendly aliens that helps Will Smith defeat the main alien boss of the movie, saving the galaxy. OR Maybe! Just maybe, they will just ask her to bring along her meat suit so they don't have to waste time in the makeup room.

Men In Black 3 will be coming out on May 25th. For more information on Men In Black 3 check out the trailer below. Also I don't think the alien that appears on the wall in the trailer is Lady Gaga.

Image from video

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