Apr 20, 2012

MacGuffin's Curse Review

Not too long ago I reviewed the point and click adventure game Jolly Rover. Now a new game,  MacGuffin's Curse, by the same people (Brawsome) has come out. You play as MacGuffin, a guy with a humorous outlook on life and who happens to be a thief. After you steal a cursed amulet you have the ability to turn into a big werewolf-creature if you stand in an area of moonlight. Your main goal in the game is to figure out a way to get rid of the curse, and to stop your nemesis (who also got cursed) from having these same powers.

The main gameplay in MacGuffin is to move from area to area. Most of the areas in the game contain a locked door that you must get through. To unlock, you must push a battery onto a platform to power up the door. Of course it wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't obstacles you had to plan for. That's when your ability to turn into a werewolf comes in handy. Each area has moonlight spots where you can turn into a wolf, or turn back into human. When you’re a wolf you can push objects, and dig up dirt, but you can't go into water, or push buttons. While you're human you're able to do the opposite.
These puzzle areas are a lot of fun to move around in for most of the game, but after awhile the excitement just starts to fade. Doing puzzle after puzzle gets tiring after a while, especially after figuring out a hard puzzle and feeling proud, until you realize the next puzzle is even harder. Luckily if you're stuck on a puzzle you can call your friend that can give you a hint, or even just unlock the door. I'll admit that I had him unlock the door for me at times. The puzzles might get hard, but the layout of each object is well placed. All the puzzles might be similar, but they never seem like it's the same puzzle over and over.

Solving these puzzles is the main type of gameplay, but it's not the only thing you can do in the game. MacGuffin has a ton of side missions that you can do involving walking around finding people in the game, and helping them. Helping people could be finding a purse in a garbage can, or getting a sad security guard his badge back. The side missions don't really add to the game at all, but it doesn't hurt the game for adding more gametime.

MacGuffin will take you around four, or five hours to complete the main game, but with all the side missions, and collecting money for things to buy in your apartment, MacGuffin will give you hours and hours of game play. I find this to be crazy since the game is only $5 on Steam, and it's also available on the iPhone and iPad. Some people might say the graphics to MacGuffin aren't the best, but for a $5 game I think MacGuffin has some decent graphics. Also, some of the music used in the game is very well placed.

Final Say: MacGuffin might start to get tiresome near the end, but for $5 it's a great deal for any puzzle lover. Also MacGuffin has a pretty good sense of humor that will keep you on the lookout for things that MacGuffin can make comments about. Check out MacGuffin's Curse on Steam, iPhone, and iPad if you're a fan of quirky dialog, and a good amount of puzzles.

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