Apr 5, 2012

Review Of Jolly Rover

Jolly Rover is a $5 point-and-click adventure game that's available on Steam. You play as Jolly Rover, a pirate dog who's out to score some treasure, but something bad happens every time he's close. This doesn't stop the courageous Jolly Rover as you point-and-click through this humorous adventure!

Gameplay in Jolly Rover is easy to describe. You point, and you click. You can pick up items, use items, talk to people, and use voodoo spells to figure out puzzles. Voodoo spells such as scaring animals away, or dropping a large fruit onto someone's head.

Jolly Rover can get difficult at times, but luckily for you (and me… I sadly admit) there's your trusty parrot sidekick. This parrot will give you hints along your journey if you want them, but be warned, it will cost you! One cracker for every hint. Crackers can be found by clicking objects in each chapter. The game was very generous with the amount of crackers available.

I'm a big fan of old school point-and-click games. Jolly Rover fit in perfectly. The humor and voice acting were a big plus. The only complaints I have with Jolly Rover was that I couldn't automatically get to locations. You have to watch Jolly walk, and at some points it seemed that he walked very slowly

Final Say:
Jolly Rover feels like a classic even though it's only been out since 2010. For $5 the game is definitely worth it. It took me around 4 hours to complete the game, but might take you longer if you refuse to crack under the pressure and get a hint from the parrot. My only complaint about the game is a lame one, walking speed, but that shouldn't stop you from purchasing Jolly Rover for $5 on Steam.

I'm giving Jolly Rover 4*'s out of 5*'s.

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