Apr 28, 2012

Rotastic Review

Rotastic is a very simple game that can be found on the Xbox Live Arcade, and will soon be coming out for the Playstation Network and PC. It costs 800 points on the Xbox Live Arcade, which is $10. Since the PSN and PC versions aren't out yet, this review is based off of playing the Xbox Live Arcade version.

The main goal of Rotastic is to survive and complete the level's objective. To survive you must swing around on, and to different anchor points. When you're on an anchor point you swing around in a circle until you let go of the A button. You can change the direction of your swing by hitting the LB, or RB button. Changing your direction will drain your energy circle though, so you can't keep doing it. Your energy circle also protects you from spikes, saws, and enemies. If your energy circle is at 100% then it will protect you once when you hit a bad object. If you're not able to survive before your energy circle is at 100% again then you'll lose a life. I love the simplicity of Rotastic. It's just a simple concept that allows you to get lost in the world.

There are a variety of different level objectives. One level objective is to collect a certain amount of gems. Another is to survive a certain amount of time while saws and giant flying fish with spikes (I believe they were fish) come after you. By completing each level, you get a score, and depending on how well you did, you get a certain amount of hats. Doing alright gets you the bronze hat, and the better you do the higher the hats value. The most amount of hats you can get per level is four.

In the beginning hats feel like something that just adds to the learderboard. When you get into world four  you become more desperate for hats. That's because once you hit world four, things turn very ugly and difficult. To get to the next world you must collect a certain amount of hats. Luckily you can go back and do better on previous levels to earn more hats. Completing levels is easy. It's doing well enough to earn hats that will make you scream! To help earn more hats you can perform tricks like swinging across to other anchor points creating a figure 8 or other shapes.

Rotastic is a very fun game that feels relaxing for the most part. Sure it's a pain on some levels, but Rotastic is a very easy game for anyone to learn. That being said, it's not a game for anyone. It's for the gamer that wants a game that you can just sit and chill, and not worry about an enemy coming from behind you and ripping your innards out. Rotastic does offer local multiplayer for anyone that wants to try and take out their friends in the combat mode.

Final Say: I would have liked each of the later worlds to be more achievable with a lesser amount of hats, but Rotastic is still a great game for anyone looking for a casual game that offers a good amount of difficulty. The local multiplayer is a nice plus as well. I'm actually surprised Rotastic is not available on phones. Rotastic would be a great game to take on the go. Though $10 is a pretty good price if you're the type of gamer that enjoys the simpleness in games.

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