May 8, 2012

Analogue: A Hate Story Review

I've always been a fan of a good interactive-novel/point-and-click adventure game. Some of my favorites in the genre would have to be Hotel Dusk, and Ace Attorney. Analogue: A Hate Story falls under this genre and is available on Steam for $9.99.

Analogue: A Hate Story is a detective tale taking place on a ship lost in space for quite some time. You need to find out what happened by going through each of the logs belonging to the people on the ship.

There are different AIs you can talk to using the computer. You can ask them questions, find out more info, and sometimes they will ask you questions. Based on the questions you answer, you will get one of the multiple endings to Analogue: A Hate Story. What makes finding the truth difficult is that the AIs have different views on what really happened. It's your job to find the truth.

The look to Analogue: A Hate Story is very simple. You're in a computer for the whole game so it makes sense that the game would look like a computer screen. On this computer screen you can speak with an AI, access logs to find out more information, use the override terminal, and access the settings menu. Settings involve saving at anytime, looking at the control scheme, and changing the screen from full screen to windowed.

The override terminal is another part of the game. This takes me back to the "intro to programming" class I took in high school. This is where you can enable different AIs, change costumes, check the power_control, and more. The override terminal becomes handy in your search for the truth.

Analogue's story is just alright though. Maybe because I'm spoiled with the other story-games out there, but I just couldn't find myself heavily, emotionally involved with the characters. I don't want to come across like I hated the game, because I didn't. I think it's just alright. What I did like, and I think it helped the game, was the music. It was fantastic and was very fitting with this game. You can also buy the soundtrack with the game for $12.99, or just the soundtrack for $4.99.

Final Say: It's very hard to convince people to try a game that put more importance on the story than the gameplay. I've been trying for years to get people to play them. If you're in the group that does enjoy a good story, then give Analogue: A Hate Story a chance. It's going to take you around 4-to-5 hours to beat, and $9.99 isn't a costly investment for a game you might just love. It's not for everyone, but like I said it doesn't cost much.

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