May 21, 2012

Dead Hungry Diner Review

In the future, after the monster apocalypse happens, there will still be some people trying to make a dollar at the local diner. Dead Hungry Diner is a good game to start practicing your ability. In Dead Hungry Diner you play as one of two siblings. As zombies, vampires, werewolves, and more start pouring into your diner you must serve them. To serve these monsters you must find a seat for them, grab their plate, put food on their plate, bring the plate back, and wait till they're done eating so you can pick up there money, and clean the table.

Does that seem like a lot to do? Well there's more. Monsters can come alone, in a pair, or in a small group, and you must place them at the right table. For example: a group of three monsters can't sit at a table for one, or two. Also, some of the monsters hate each others. For example: werewolves hate vampires, and they'll start a fight if you seat them next to each other. To add to all this chaos, there's this girl that will appear in some levels that will try to kill your customers. When this happens, you have to run to each of the monsters she has an aim on and put a protective shield up before it's too late. You do all of this while trying to keep all the monsters' happy meters as high as possible.

Are you thinking that this game might be too hardcore for you? Suck it up!

You do have powers that can help you along the way. Powers such as super-fast speed, ability to make customers more happy, ability to switch monsters to different tables, and the ability to turn any monster into a zombie. For some reason zombies are the most loved monster in this game, and the zombies are cool in any monster's book. All the money you earn in each level can go to upgrading all of your powers.

That's everything in Dead Hungry Diner, and while it might be similar to other games, it's still a fun experience. The different powers to the game and figuring out where each monster is going to sit really challenges the brain at times. After you're done the story though, there is an All You Can Eat Mode that is just an endless monster buffet. I was satisfied with just playing through the story, and didn't spend too much time in the All You Can Eat Mode.

Final Say: Dead Hungry Diner is a fun game for anyone just looking for a casual game to play. Sure, there are gamers out there that would refuse to play any game with the word Diner in it, but it's still a game that you should at least try the demo to. It can take you 3 to 4 hours to beat the story in Dead Hungry Diner depending on how good you are, and is available on Steam for $7.64.

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