May 6, 2012

Dead Island GOTY Edition

Dead Island is a game that either really hated, or really liked it, with not much in-between. I was one of the people that really enjoyed playing through Dead Island. Maybe it's because I played it on PC, while most of the people I talked to played it on console. Slicing a zombie up with a machete was loads of fun!

There might be a Dead Island Game Of The Year Edition coming out. It hasn't been announced, but The British rating board has listed a GOTY version of Dead Island. WHY!? I liked Dead Island, but what's going to be going into this GOTY edition? There is only two DLC for the game. I only played the Ryder White DLC, and that was just okay. Unless they're adding a ton of new unreleased extras to the game then I don't see why this GOTY edition needs to exist.

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