May 29, 2012

Fieldrunners Steam Review

Fieldrunners is tower defense game that's available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and is now available on Steam. I played Fieldrunners on Steam for this review, and have not played any other version.

Fieldrunners is a simple tower defense game that has enemies coming from an entrance attempting to attack your towers. Depending on the level, there could be more than one entrance, or more than one way to get to your towers. To defend your towers you have access to some weapon towers and upgrades. Depending on the level, you'll get access to four-to-six weapon towers which you need money to buy. You get money by killing the different enemies that will come after you. These enemies can range from basic soldiers to a giant blimp.

Strategy is a must in Fieldrunners. If you just put a ton of weapon towers at the enemies' entrance then you'll have no chance to succeed. I'm sure there are a ton of different strategies you can use, but the one I found myself using was a zig zag technique. This is where I would make a zig zag formation out of the cheap weapon towers. I did this because the enemies didn't have a direct path to my base, they instead had to walk through the zig zag formation while getting shot at. Now, the zig zag formation doesn't work on all enemies like planes and blimps. That's why I would put the rocket towers, and my favorite - tesla towers in each of the middle zig zags.

There are eight different modes in Fieldrunners: Classic, Extended, Endless, Sudden Death, Time Trial, and Tower Combo 1 & 2. All the modes except for endless, and time trial will have you defending your base for 100 rounds. A lot of these modes seemed very similar, like classic, extended, and the tower combos. Extended mode just had you defending six towers instead of four. The tower combos just had different weapon towers available. I would have liked a mode where I could choose my weapon towers instead of being told which ones I could use.

For a $5 game you'll get a lot of hours of gameplay in Fieldrunners. There are a total of eight levels that can be unlocked by getting to round 50 in each level. Each level differs, from a different amount of entrances to having walls put in your way. There are also a lot of different weapon towers and a ton of achievements to try and get.

Final Say: I think Fieldrunners works great as a simple, and easy to play tower defense game. The cartoony graphics, the music, and the ability to fast forward or pause to build towers also help this game to be a fun casual game. The amount of levels you can unlock, over 60 achievements, and the different weapon towers also helped this game. I just wished I could have had a mode that I could choose the weapon towers I wanted. Overall, Fieldrunners is a fun game to play for $5, and I recommend it for anyone that's looking for a simple tower defense game.

Fieldrunners can be found on Steam for $5.

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