May 16, 2012

Film Review: Trollhunter

In this Norwegian film, three university students: Thomas, Johanna, and Kalle follow notorious and secretive bear hunter, Hans to film a documentary for school credit. Because Hans has grown to hate his profession, he shares all of his secrets and experiences with the three student film-makers. The twist they have difficulty grasping - Hans doesn't hunt bears. He hunts trolls.

Judging by the poster/movie cover with the enormous troll about to tea-bag an armored van, I expected the trolls to be a lot scarier looking than they were. Going in expecting Rancor-looking trolls and getting a creature that answered Where The Wild Things Are was somewhat disappointing at first, but it served a purpose. The trolls are treated like normal animals who are sympathized with and softened up until they need to be scary. Another thing that grew on me, solely for one punchline it lead up to, was what kind of people trolls blindly hate. The explanation for the over abundance of troll activity also left a bad taste in my mouth, but thankfully wasn't revealed until the end of the movie.

My Highlights:
I liked the part where they hunted trolls. But also when they gave the scientific zoology behind trolls.

Overall Rating:
Much like how I loved Lilyhammer, this film has birthed a high level of respect for Norwegians. It wasn't without its flaws, but it had interesting characters, bearable shaky-Cloverfield-camera, and a fresh take on mythical creature-films. Overall...

4 / 5

When You Should See It:
 If you have a half an hour to kill and are looking for something original, I say check it out. It's probably something not too many of your friends have heard of, but you can suggest to your friends. It's also currently available on Netflix Instant Watch at the time of this posting, which is where I watched it with great ease and quality.

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