May 22, 2012

Gamers At Work Review

I've always been a fan of learning what goes into making a game, or a game company. That's how I got turned onto the book Gamers At Work by Morgan Ramsay. Gamers At Work features seventeen chapters, each focusing on one game company. Each chapter is essentially just an interview with a founder of a game company.

These interviews are not just with people that owned a Pong machine when they were little. It's with the people that started their own company, and had an impact on the gaming industry. We're talking about people like the founder of well known companies, like Insomniac Games, Electronic Arts, and Oddworld Inhabitants (even though not many people played Oddworld, sadly). What was interesting about each interview was how different it seemed each company started out. Each interview gave great advice about starting a game company, as well as history, feuds, success, and failures of their company.

Final Say: Gamers At Work isn't really a must read for all gamers. It's more for the people that are interested in how a game company gets started, and in some cases, ends. It's a great book for anyone that is in game development business or is looking into getting into the business. Also, it's great for any one that loved the show Icons.

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