May 13, 2012

NBC Renews All Your Favorite Shows

According to The Hollywood Reporter, you can sleep easy knowing you won't have to say goodbye to all your favorite shows on NBC anytime soon. Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, and Whitney have all been renewed for another season. Horray! While I haven't seen Up All Night or Whitney, this does make me excited about Community, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. Things are really firing on all cylinders with these shows this past season and I can only hope things continue to stay awesome.

Unfortunately, my title may be somewhat misleading, because there were shows that have been announced as canceled. Fans of Awake, Are You There Chelsea?, Harry's Law, Bent, and Best Friends Forever are sure to be disappointed, because these shows won't be returning.

But back on a happier note, Community is one step closer on the road we all have been demanding. Six seasons, and a movie!

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