May 30, 2012

Workaholics Season 3 Premier: The Business Trip Review

Workaholics is back and has hit the ground running. How could BFF's/roomies/slacker co-workers Anders, Adam and Blake top the hijinks of the last season including chasing kids into skin flick theaters, hiding out in a sewer TMNT style, and pleasuring themselves in their automobile in their office parking lot? One word. Acid.

In the season 3 premier, "The Business Trip", Blake and Adam are stoked to try acid (seemingly for the first time) with their bro, 'Ders, as they've been planning it for some time. Business calls though and Anders is whisked away to help their boss Alice land a big money contract for their company. Not to be denied their fun, Adam and Blake tag along, as well as their grungy dealer pal, Karl. Wouldn't you know it, though, the thing that seals the deal on their contract is a tab of the psychedelic, as everybody gets high. Threats and love are made, but I think the moral of this story is that Blake and Adam had the right idea at the beginning. If you're going to accept the risk to experiment with hallucinogenics, then you had better do it in a safe environment and ensure you don't wander from that safe environment. Bad trips do happen boys and girls, so screw your head on tight before you let it go floating away.
Overall, this was a hilarious episode and showed the guys were back in full form. I can't wait for the next episode, but if you missed "The Business Trip", check your local listings for the repeat. While yours may vary, I've got listings for May 30, 12:30 AM, May 30, 3:04 AM, June 1, 2:34 AM, June 1, 8:58 PM, June 2, 3:49 AM, June 2, 1:53 PM, June 3, 10:29 PM, and June 5, 7:58 PM. So check it out! Next new episode, "True Dromance" hits airwaves June 5, 10:30, and you don't want to fall even farther behind!

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  1. Bwahahhaa! I love this show, but I completely spaced that season three started earlier this week. Thanks for the repeat time listings, even though I’m either babysitting or at work when this episode reruns, I’m still going to watch it. The Dish Remote Access app I’ve been using along with the Sling Adapter I got from Dish when I started working for them will stream it for me. I might even record the rerun and then stream the recording to my phone when I get the chance to watch it. Either way, I will be ready to watch the next episode this Tuesday.