Jun 23, 2012

Adventures of Shuggy Review

The Adventures of Shuggy is available on the PC and the Xbox Live Arcade for $9.99. For this review I am playing the Steam version of Adventures of Shuggy.

Poor Shuggy. He inherited an old mansion, gets to it, and finds out that it's haunted. Instead of running away, Shuggy decides to be a hero and enters the mansion to clear out any bad spirits in the five different areas of this mansion: Dungeon, Boiler Room, Gallery, Graveyard, and the Clock tower. Each area of the mansion has levels to it that require you to collect each green gem in the room to clear the room of evil. Getting to these gems is the tricky part because there are many enemies that can get in the way. Sometimes a level requires you to flip the level around, use buttons to release lasers, and even use rope to swing across to get gems, or to turn a cog wheel.

The controls in this game worked fine for me. Every time I jumped a little too much, or not enough, I knew it was my fault. I did find playing this game on a keyboard to be a little awkward. You can change the keys to your liking, but I couldn't find a position that worked great for me. Luckily you can use a controller, which made everything perfect.

In this game there are 100+ levels - counting the co-op levels. There isn't any online play, but if you can find a buddy in the same room as you to play with then you should check out the co-op levels. These levels are different from the single player game, and require you and your friend to work together if you want to get all the gems in a level.

The difficulty in Adventures of Shuggy goes from "Hey, this is pretty easy!" To "I HATE THESE BUGS!" Though it might get difficult, I liked the challenge, and it never seemed unfair. There were just so many bugs in some levels! Still, the different types of levels kept me glued to the screen, and I beat it in two sittings (which took me around three hours). It might take you more or less depending on how many levels you do since you don't need to do all 100 levels to beat Adventures of Shuggy.

Final Say: I love platformers, and it's not a shock that I loved Adventures of Shuggy. What made this game great was the different types of levels. Turning the whole level around and just moving sections of a level around were a unique twist. Having to control more than one Shuggy, or even only being able to jump, and not have any other control over Shuggy - I never felt bored playing Shuggy. For $9.99 all the platforming fans should jump on this game! Also, get a controller if you don't have one for your PC, or play it on your Xbox.

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