Jun 20, 2012

Bang Bang Racing Review

Bang Bang Racing is available for the PC on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation Network for $9.99. For this review I played Bang Bang Racing on the PC.

Racing games these days are going for the, "Yeah, we have every car in existence in this game," appeal. While that might be great, sometimes you just want to sit down and simply drive. Bang Bang Racing is as simple as it can get. You have a car, some nitrous, and you try to get into first place. It's a great game for anyone that just wants to drive.

You can choose from career, championships, and free play in Bang Bang Racing. Each mode has 4 different classes of cars, from slow cars to super fast cars. While racing is the main mode in this game, it also features two others: elimination, and time trial. In career mode you compete in a series of races until you can unlock the driving cup (a new series of races) for that class of car. Championships are what the driving cups are, but you don't need to win some races to qualify for them. The last mode mentioned was free play, which allows you to just play any race you want with the level you want, with or without friends. I should also mention that there isn't any online play, just local multiplayer.

The controls felt good to Bang Bang Racing, and being able to use a controller only made it better. I felt like Bang Bang Racing was actually pretty easy. I'm not that great at racing games, but there was only one time I didn't come in on the top three. There is a hard mode if you want more difficulty, but you have to unlock it by playing through the career mode. If you're more of a hardcore fan of racing you'll probably want to check something else out. For people like me that don't have a ton of racing experience then this game is perfect.

Final Say: If you want a simple racing game that doesn't cost a lot, Bang Bang Racing is a great choice. It took me around an hour and a half to beat career, but there are a bunch of other things you can do like championships, the hard mode, and unlock skins. If you're looking for a game that strives for extreme realism, then keep looking. Bang Bang Racing is for the casual people that just want something easy they can drive into.

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