Jun 2, 2012

Fieldrunners And Extreme Skater Contest

This is the first contest Organized Remains has ever hosted, and we hope to have many more after this one! The awesome people over at Subatomic Studios and Miniclip gave us some codes for Fieldrunners (Steam), and Extreme Skater (iPhone/ iPad).

There are two ways (you can enter twice) to enter to win a copy of Fieldrunners, or Extreme Skater:

1. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/OrganizedRemain
2. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Channel Page / Subscribe Page

To enter for a code for Extreme Skater for the iPhone, or iPad, please comment on this post saying your Twitter or YouTube name you used, and which device you would like the code for (you can say doesn't matter if you own both devices).

If you win we will contact you through your Twitter, or YouTube account.

The contest will end on June 12.


  1. Followed you on twitter with the name @BrandonWag :D

    Also iPad please

  2. Followed on Twitter as @dreg_mogul

    Extreme Skater on iPhone please

  3. Followed on YouTube, copy of Fieldrunners please

  4. oh.. and name is spamw2k (totally legit ^_^ )