Jun 28, 2012

Kickstarter: Super Retro Squad

I'm always finding myself on Kickstarter. I love looking through everyone's ideas, especially when it comes to games. Super Retro Squad is the latest game I came across that I knew I had to back. It's an old school platformer with a bunch of different playable characters that have their own moves. Jay Pavlina, the lead programmer, is also the person behind the flash game Super Mario Bros Crossover, which was a fantastic game, and I urge people to try it out.

Super Retro Squad has already passed their $10,000 goal and are close to $20,000 (as of now) with more than two weeks to go on Kickstarter. So why am I trying to get more people to donate? Stretch goals of course!

Stretch goal info quoted from Kickstarter:
"$20,000 - Time Attack, Leader Boards, Achievements
We'll add a time attack mode that will allow you to replay levels as fast as you can. This will also include leader boards that will show your top time for each character. We'll also add an achievement system to the game and when possible, we'll integrate it with whatever platform you're playing on.
$30,000 - Translation into multiple languages
We will translate all of the text in the game into French, Italian, German, and Spanish. We may also consider doing other languages.
$40,000 - Eve VII playable plus additional levels

Eve VII, piloted by Frederick, will be playable and fully integrated into the main story. This means there will also be a complete world (5 levels) added to the main game that will be based on the world Frederick comes from. This world will include unique enemies and a boss. If Eve VII is added, there will be 9 worlds total. If not, there will be 8. This also means there will be additional music tracks and cut scenes in the game."

I'm assuming that this game will make it to the $20,000 mark, but I really want this to make it to the $40,000 mark. A new character, and some new levels never hurt anyone.

Please check out the Super Retro Squad Kickstarter page for more info. If you like the way this game looks then donate at least $15 to pre-order a copy of Super Retro Squad!

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