Jun 20, 2012

Looking Forward To: Monsters University

Monsters University, the prequel to Disney/Pixar's smash animated 2001 hit, Monsters Inc., sees all of your favorites back on the screen. John Goodman reprises his role as the big, fluffy, blue, James Sullivan; Billy Crystal is back as the short, round, cycloptic, Mike Wazowski, and Steve Buschemi is back in the form of the slithery, serpant-like Randall Boggs. Pixar is releasing several different teaser trailers, all with Mike Wazowski saying different humerous things in his sleep. Below you can find two different trailers, both pretty much identical except for Billy Crystal's lines.

Although I want this film to be a big success, having loved the original Monsters Inc., nothing about this teaser-trailer appeals to me. Having attended/transferred/graduated two different universities, I'm very tired of the insistent perpetuating stereotype of college. Higher education is a lot more than excessive parties and ritual hazings. Hopefully Pixar really hammers that point home being a squeaky clean family oriented company and doesn't just use cookie cutter scenarios from all of their teen films like Porkys, Revenge of the Nerds, and American Pie (minus the sexuality, obviously). They should just give us what we really want and make this a rip-off of Police Academy, since the reboot of that will (thankfully?) never get off the ground. Enjoy Monsters University for what it is and hope that a future trailer will shed some more light on this tantalizing premise.

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