Jun 3, 2012

Offspring Fling Review

Offspring Fling is a fun puzzle platformer that's available on Steam for $7.99. You play as a mom or dad creature that is trying to get their offspring back home. You'll just about do anything to get through the puzzles of this world to get them home. You'll have to pick up each child, and either walk them, or throw them to the home's door to win.

That might sound easy, but it gets tougher. With a 100 levels you have to get through, you will come across many different obstacles. That's what's great about Offspring Fling - every couple of levels you feel like you're encountering something new. From finding rocks to throw, bouncing your offspring off things, pushing different buttons to create platforms, to even pesky bees that follow you around and try to kill you. There's even a boss battle at the end of Offspring Fling that was a lot of fun to play through. My only complaint is that I wish there was more bosses. A boss every 25 levels would have been awesome.

The controls to Offspring Fling are pretty simple. Control the movement of your creature with the directional buttons, and use X and C (you can change them) to jump, and pick up / fling your offspring. The controls didn't have any problems that I came across, and it was great to move around in the great looking levels. The music in Offspring Fling was also really well done. I'm glad I got the soundtrack in the Indie Game Music Bundle 3 (get it while you can!)

As I mentioned, there are one hundred levels, and that might sound like a lot, but each level doesn't take too long to beat. Some will take you around 15 seconds, while some might take a minute or two. It took me around two hours to beat all one hundred levels of Offspring Fling. Two hours is usually not that long for a game, but Offspring Fling offers more! Each level has a gold time and a developer's time that you can try and get. I was never able to beat one of the developer's time, but I did have fun getting a bunch of gold times though. Another way you can get more value out of this game is to check out the level creator. It's not exactly user friendly, but it gets the job done. There are user created levels available to you, and some people have a way with the level editor, because they were great!

Final Say: Offspring Fling might take you around two hours to beat, but with the addictive gameplay you'll want to beat your scores and play through some user created levels. I have no complaints other than wishing there were more bosses. Still, Offspring Fling is a great platform puzzle game that is only $7.99! Get it on Steam right away!

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