Jun 9, 2012

Perplex Beats - Reveal Trailer

With all the new games and new trailers coming from E3 I decided to talk about a trailer that was probably absent at the convention. Even though the game looks great, what's the point of me writing the 1,000th article about Watch Dogs? That's where I came across a trailer for an indie title called Perplex Beats.

Perplex Beats is a rhythm game that I went into thinking "Pfft I can do this," but then I kept watching the trailer, and thought Guitar Hero only had one note area to pay attention to and this game has two! Also, you have to switch between different beat boxes (not sure if they have a name)? So there seems to be a lot going on.

I don't know every detail of this game, like what systems it's coming out on, but it doesn't really matter where I can play it. What matters is how I can play it! I was really worried in the trailer that I would have to use a keyboard to play this, but with some research I found a post on Preanima.com mentioning how the controls work on a controller! They even had a diagram on how it works, and it's exactly what I was hoping for!

Click to make bigger.
I can't find any details on a release date, or where it's coming out for. But make sure you keep your eyes open for more details on Perplex Beats.

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