Jun 8, 2012

TV Review: Kevin Smith's "Spoilers"

Hulu is following in Netflix's footsteps by adding original content to their clips, TV shows and movies. One of Hulu's first piece of original television programming is Kevin Smith's Spoilers. The premise is very simple. Kevin Smith takes a bunch of people (presumably strangers, not long-time friends who he owes fifteen minutes of fame) to see a movie currently in theaters. After they watch the film, they gather around and discuss their thoughts and opinions on the film with Kevin Smith directing thought-traffic. But at the closing third of the show, Smith introduces a special guest to talk about how awesome they are.

In this first episode, Kevin Smith and his cast of merry men and women review the film Snow White And The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. Overall, it's a pretty funny and well directed/produced show that also gives me a solid informed opinion on what films are in theater, because not everyone in Smith's entourage agrees with each other or nit-picks/appreciates the same things. I'm especially appreciative they're hitting films that I didn't plan on rushing out to drop $10 to see. I also enjoyed the final third of the show where Smith brings on a special guest (in this episode Carrie Fisher), who knew just how to play to her audience and was a great choice for the watching audience.

I think there's still some room to grow in the show as it settles into the new venture, but I would, and am suggesting it. The one downside to this show is probably that Kevin Smith (and by extension, his movie-viewers he talks to) are a bit crass, a bit crude, and a bit profane, but for an online exclusive bad words are censored. I can only imagine this is a sponsorship concession, but given that it's solely on the internet where you can find some pretty messed up things, it was a bit jarring. Probably a good rating would be 4 / 5. Check it out below:

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