Jul 29, 2012

App Review: Car Toons!

Car Toons! is available for the iPhone, iPod, and the iPad for $0.99. For this review I played Car Toons! on the iPhone.

Car Toons! is a mixture of righteous justice, teamwork, destroying cars, and just the most cutest graphics the iPhone can handle! In Car Toons! your objective is either push all the bad guys' cars off the screen, park in the right parking spots, or both. You can control three different vehicles during the game: Firetruck, police car, and an ambulance. The firetruck has more pushing power, the police car is small and quick, and the ambulance is right in the middle.

Each vehicle is moved by tapping them, and to stop them you tap them again. There are some levels where you'll need to use the vehicle's special power. The ambulance can do an amazing leap! The firetruck has a powerful boost ability. The police car can just turn around. Nothing fancy, but the police car comes in handy.

The controls work well. There were only a couple of times things were too close together causing me to hit the wrong thing. It wasn't a huge problem however because each level can take around ten seconds to beat. The level design to Car Toons! is really well done. I've played a lot of puzzle games and usually there's around five levels that are easy to get through, and then the game becomes painfully difficult. Car Toons! has handled the difficulty perfectly. Sure, it gets very difficulty near the end but it didn't reach the point I'm so frustrated I needed to slam my phone on the ground on level 20 of 108.

The look, and feel to Car Toons! was well... cartoonish. Nothing wrong with that! In fact I enjoyed the look of the game, and how the cars would talk to each other at the beginning of the level. The music was very calming, which I wasn't expecting at all. I might have been throwing bad guys off a cliff to nowhere, but I was calm doing it.

Final Say: Yes! Get it! It's only a dollar! It's a fun puzzle game that'll give you a bit of fun defeating the bad guys. Plus, in the future the developers are going to be adding even more levels to the 108 levels already there. You can buy Car Toons! for $0.99 here.