Jul 10, 2012

Film Review: Attack The Block

A group of teenage hoodlums in southern London mug a young nurse on her way home, but not soon after they're joining forces to take on an alien invasion!

The first half of the film is really hard to sit through because the chavs are just over-the-top obnoxious and annoying. The language they speak, the over-abundance of undeserved arrogance, and they're success/lack of consequences for their actions or lack of morals. As an American, from what I hear this is what chavs are really like, but I can't attest to the accuracy vs. parody. I just spent the entire first half of the movie hoping Jason Statham would come in and teach the little brats how a man should represent the Union Jack. Or send in Denzel Washington playing Frank Lucas from American Gangster. I don't care if he is pushing 60, he'd school those kids real quick on what it takes to be tough, 'Merica style!

But the other thing to stand out in this film are the aliens. Very creative, very unique, and very effective. Often times I'll find myself scoffing at aliens in films just because they're so generic but this breed seems well thought out, with the exception of one thing - the glowing teeth. I have trouble wrapping my head around what evolutionary advantage glowing teeth would have, but at least it made the creatures look visually stunning and memorable.

My Highlights:
Props and Mayhem to the rescue, kitchen decapitation, elevator massacre, and Hi-Hatz' window.

Overall Rating:
I really had trouble sitting through the first half of the film due to how obnoxious the characters were, and spent much of the time hoping to see all of the main family of chavs die. By the end, everyone was developed and well-rounded enough that I wanted to see them live! That's a great, great testament to the film's quality. Nick Frost especially stole every seen he was in, bringing his veteran acting skills to the table and bringing everyone around him up a level. Other than the acting, as I mentioned, I have to commend the aliens. Nothing generic or recycled here, and it took everything up a notch. Overall rating...

4.5 / 5

When You Should See It:
The next time you're looking for a good action/sci-fi/light-hearted horror, check this film out. With Nira Park producing and Nick Frost probably having a lot of influence as well, it doesn't seem surprising that this film feels a lot like Shaun of the Dead at times, which isn't a bad thing at all.

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