Jul 30, 2012

Movie Review: The FP

In the dystopian future, that isn't actually all that far into the future, or dystopian, but really kinda just normal... two gangs do battle over the turf known as Frazier Park - "The FP". Their weapon of choice to dual: Guns? Knives? Explosives? No... Dance Dance Revolution Beat-Beat Revelation. In order to preserve the honor of his fallen brother, J-Tro must claim vengeance on the thug leader L Dubba E.

A 2012 film that spends 82 minutes paying tribute to some of the most memorable and classic action films of the 70's and 80's. First Blood, Escape From New York, The Warriors, and to mix it up - 8 Mile just to name a few great homages. My premise is probably the most accurate version of what the film is about I've heard yet, because what I watched and what I heard beforehand were two very separate things. Hopefully people go into this film with their expectations at the right level.

My Highlights:
Used condom, "cranberry juice", and random acts of nudity and sexuality.

Overall Rating:
A lot of this film was lost on me the same way I don't quite get The Mighty Boosh or Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! I understood when there were jokes, and there were certainly funny jokes in The FP, but the film before a chore to sit through. I love movies, and as a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I can appreciate bad movies, but this was painful even for only 82 minutes. Nick and I watched it hoping if it were bad enough we could at least MST3K our way to the end, but we just wound up skipping chapter after chapter, sitting through a few minutes of each until we got to the big protagonist/antagonist fight at the end. What The FP basically boiled down to was someone with the taste of The Whitest Kids U' Know put a very serious effort into making a film, but had no real qualifications or knowledge on script writing. It tries too hard and succeeds too seldom. Also, the actors have no business acting.
Overall rating...

2 / 5

When You Should See It:
You shouldn't. If you want to see a bad film, watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 so at least you can laugh at how bad it is.